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Hi...My name is Dominique aka The Mind Coach...

If you are considering therapy you may well be wondering what kind of person you will be entrusting yourself to. So here’s just a little bit about me.


Like many people, I   have had my ups and downs and issues in life, particularly in my early years.                                                                                                                    

This has been a positive for me because I have grown so much as a person and learned many many things. I specialise in treating people with emotional issues and trauma.  I am 54 yrs young now and through the trials of life and my own journey, I became fascinated with the power of the mind and the mind/body connection. That said, it was always there, even when I was 10 years old I was interested in people and what made them tick. I was reading books on self-development even at that young age.  That interest,  combined with a passion to help people led me to become a Psychotherapist,  Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Coach.

Through my professional training & vast experience, I gained the tools and the knowledge to enable me, to enable YOU to achieve the life you want and deserve without obstacles holding you back.
In my spare time, I like to spend time with the people I love… family and friends. I like to cook and share good food, music is also a passion of mine. Walking and spending time with Diesel my dog makes me very happy. Going to the beach on a warm sunny day is the perfect day for me. I feel very blessed; living in Dorset, it is such a beautiful part of the world. Last but not least I feel truly privileged that I get to help people achieve the life they want.




I promise you, that when we work together, I will do my very best in facilitating the changes you desire, which in turn will afford you clear access to being the incredible you that you are, the very best version of yourself!




I was extremely fortunate to be trained by two of the very best trainers in the world. The Internationally renowned Joseph Clough and some of my Training was with Dr. Tad James, creator of the very powerful Time Line Therapy® techniques and training.

I am a certified  Master Hypnotist Practitioner, NLP Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Timeline Therapist as approved by the ABNLP, Time Line Therapy Association™  and UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners. I also have a certificate in Autogenics certified by ICBCH.

I am also a registered licensed OldPain2Go Practitioner. I also hold a Diploma in Counselling accredited by CTAA.

I have taken further training over the years and continue to do so.  I stay up to date with the latest techniques so that I can deliver the very best for my clients.

I am fully insured.

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