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About Sessions with The Mind Coach

It is impossible to know how many sessions you will need as everyone is an individual. On average people tend to have 3 - 4.  I will be able to be clear about how many sessions I think you will need after our initial contact. All sessions last between 1 hr to 90 mins.

Your sessions and course of therapy are an investment in both time and money. What value do you put on being free of your issue/s?

Sessions can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis or you can buy a package. The majority of my clients purchase packages as they make a saving and are also committed and invested, both in time and money in their course of therapy.

NB: All sessions are payable at the time of booking

Pay as You GO  £125 per session - 60-minute session 

Silver Package  £330 saving of £45   Three extended sessions up to 90 minutes

Gold Package  £440 saving of £60    Four extended sessions up to 90 minutes 

Platinum Package £670 saving of £80   Six extended sessions up to 90 minutes

All packages include free bespoke hypnosis audio to be used alongside your sessions.

Stop Smoking  £ 550  - 1 session up to 2 hrs  + telephone follow up 

6 Session Weight Loss £ 580  -  1 hour sessions 

Pain Removal or Reduction  £380 -  2 sessions  up to 2 hrs 

Coaching Packages  POA

- hypnotherapy - clinical hypnotherapist - counselling - dorset

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All sessions are also available on Skype.

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