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Who Would You Be?

Whom could you be and what would you do if you believed you couldn't fail?


Getting a Professional Coach is about not only making changes but also continuous improvement in life.


If you talk about achieving something, it is a dream. If you plan it, it is possible. But when you plan, schedule, and do something under the guidance and motivation of a coach, the chances that you succeed are extremely high.

“Coach” is an old French word meaning “a vehicle to transport people from one place to another.” With the help of a coach, a person can thus climb the ladder of life by expanding one’s dexterity through the stimulation of performance and by also altering the way a person thinks.

Coaching also promotes one’s personal growth. We help people see beyond what they are today to what they can become tomorrow by working on their beliefs and value systems.

Through the coaching process, you are stretched out of your comfort zones and into a world of possibility and curiosity.  It is only then that major changes are possible.

In  Coaching, areas that people could be coached include:

1. Relationship
2. Career
3. Studies
4. Finance
5. Health

Stop dreaming, take control of your life now, and live life to its maximum potential! 

Coaching Programmes with TMC run for a duration of  3 Months or 6 months.

Invest in yourself and your future!

Call me for more information and to book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

hypnotherapist in dorst specialising in anxiety

Intensive Breakthrough Coaching

I also offer intensive Breakthrough Coaching if you are eager to get your life into the very best shape and optimise every area of your life.

Clients often come from major cities and combine an intensive coaching package with a break from city life and some downtime in the beautiful Dorset Countryside where I am based.

I am always happy to pick people up and ferry them around if they come by train.

I can also signpost you to the best local accommodation for your stay.

Intensive Breakthrough Coaching is 1 to 1 and usually runs over 2 - 3 full days. After that, if you are from out of town, we would Skype / Zoom weekly! 

Each coaching intervention is tailored and bespoke to each individual client as you are unique in all ways.

To find out more, Call Me....

Let's make this happen together... Imagine how good you will feel and what you will achieve having decided to take control of your life in all areas! 

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